Confidence, security, and influence—it all starts with your financial acumen. 

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There are many reasons to gain an understanding of your finances. But to us, there’s only one:

For you to confidently say,

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Everything you have gained or accomplished in this life—from career achievements to personal development—started with a baseline. It was nerve racking at first, but as you grew more comfortable those initial feelings of intimidation or uncertainty all but vanished. Becoming financially fit is no different. With the right steps in place, the determination to execute, and a coach to hold you accountable, you can strengthen your knowledge, confidence, and independence. 

Community based, online and in-person workshops to up your financial fitness quotient. 



For those looking for a long-term plan and understanding of their financial situation.



You need help and need it fast—due to a major life change within your home, work, or family dynamic. 



Ideal for women undergoing a life event such as marriage, divorce, promotion, or receiving inheritance, our Sprint Track is a fast-paced package lasting one month*. We’ll start tackling big issues, breaking down big, financial themes into achievable pieces. 
• Set your financial goals
• Get a handle on your assets, liabilities, and net worth
• Create a triage timeline based on urgency
• Work to fill in knowledge gaps within financial fitness 

Sprint TRACK

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*Hourly cap placed on 14 hours

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For those looking for a long-term plan and understanding of their financial situation, our Endurance Track is the best fit. We’ll start by discussing your current financial situation, priorities, goals, and mapping out a timeline to achieve them. Each session includes a coaching call and homework encompassing:
• Understanding your assets, liabilities, and net worth
• Tracking your spending for 3–6 months
• Reviewing your retirement and saving plans
• Analyzing your investment portfolio 


Speak with Jo

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Acumen8 offers in-person and online seminars to up your financial fitness quotient. Below you'll find a list showcasing our upcoming events. Please note that space is limited. 
• Topics include basic investing, managing and understanding your 401K, and more
• Events may be structured as a one-off class or a multi-part series
• Check back regularly for a list of upcoming events


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3 Ways To Train Together

Upcoming Acumen8 Events

Join Financial Coach and Mentor Jo Ousterhout and special guests to discuss actionable strategies, tips and tricks for making, keeping and growing your money in 2021 and beyond.

12-1 PM Eastern, Every Friday

Women Talk Money

Women of all ages and walks of life say that some combination of anxiety, fear, overwhelm and feeling intimidated is the #1 reason they don't tackle the issue of money. Let financial mentor and coach Jo Ousterhout take you from fear and overwhelm to action in this free series. After all, no issue was ever fixed by ignoring it! So make 2021 the year you stop ignoring your money and, instead, begin increasing your wealth.

FaceBook Live
Weekdays at 1 PM Eastern, Coming Soon

Your 2021 Money Blueprint: 4 Weeks of Action Steps to Make 2021 Your Best Money Year Yet

I'll be joining Amy Charland on The Great Escape Show. Please join us!

Facebook Live
February 24 at 4 PM Central

The Great Escape Show

If you have any questions about any of the events listed below, please contact us here.

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