It means money doesn't stop you from living your priorities.

What does it mean to be financially fit?

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At Acumen8, we focus on the four pillars of your financial fitness.

Endurance to build wealth to last a lifetime

Balance within your financial portfolio

Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances

Strength in basic financial knowledge

I’m Jo, former Wall Street executive and your financial coach

For most of my life, I’ve been motivated by women. From the trading floor, to the campaign trail, to working with NGOs abroad, I've seen up close the impact made when women are placed in positions of economic and political leadership.


I’ve seen examples of our physical strength while trying out for the US Olympic field hockey team, and I've witnessed our mental and analytic strength on Wall Street. Through my work with nonprofits and in politics, I’ve recognized women’s emotional and empathetic strength in making positive, global change happen.

Women are strong—a strength that is often underestimated, even by ourselves.

A vivaciously curious person, I’ve seen it within almost every industry, from banking, philanthropy, online retail, and politics. Women will join a school board to fight for their child’s lunch program, run for office to make an environmental impact, and raise jaw-dropping funds to support women in war-stricken countries.

Women are driven by the causes we care about, for most of us a far greater motivator than personal gain.

In my career, I developed the loan trading business, an industry now surpassing hundreds of billions in volume. I founded Metta Journeys, a travel company supporting the work of nonprofits around the world. And I co-founded a group that raised $8M to support female political candidates.

Within each circumstance, I am most proud of the women I worked with and inspired, and the purpose that drove them to make a difference.

I founded Acumen8 to support women in what I see as the last pillar of personal strength: Finances. Having witnessed what women accomplish when we channel our physical, emotional, and mental strength, I can only imagine the change we’ll create when we become financially fit.

Jo Ousterhout is the founder of Metta Journeys,, and now, Acumen8. After graduating from Wharton Business School, she ran the gamut between investment banking, consulting, politics, and nonprofits. Today, she is a speaker, writer, and financial coach teaching women to understand finances to create a secure future for themselves. 

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